Nuestros Compromisos


Prady is a company committed to the quality, to the interests of the customer and to being an environmentally responsible company. We understand that it is only possible to make progress giving satisfaction to this three variables. The result is that we manage to manufacture very economical perfumes with absolute quality demands and in a process that is not only respectful with the Environment, but improves it.

Commitment to quality

We offer quality, we demand quality

Prady shows daily that an economic perfume do not result in a diminishing quality. We have the ISO 9001 Certification of Quality Management and the ISO 22716 Certification of Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetic Products.

We do not limit ourselves to the quality of our production, but we demand the same certifications from all our suppliers in a way that ensures the high final quality of all our products.

Commitment to our customers

The best quality-price rapport

Our customers are our reason for being and their interests are defended with the best quality at the lowest price. Our unwavering commitment is always to get the best prices for our products while maintaining the quality guarantee.

Everyone deserves the best possible price, from the final consumer of a brand-name product to the client with which we have a white label agreement. We show day to day that quality and price can go hand in hand.

Thanks to these irrevocable commitments we have more than 600 customers in four continents. And we keep growing...

Commitment to people

Thanks to the efforts we are where we are

Prady is its people, its workers and their families. Prady are all those who have contributed with effort and dedication to turn into reality what was only a dream, a passion.

It is a team of 50 people constantly growing and it has an honest and fair remuneration system in which preference is given to merit, involvement and productivity.

Commitment to environment

It is not sufficient not to pollute; the environment needs to be improved

In Prady, we always work with the aim to optimize the management and recycling of waste and we have achieved another milestone we always dreamed about: generate clean energy.

Regarding waste, Prady complies with the ISO 14001 standards of Environmental Management and is a company attached to Ecoembes, SGR and Recycled Cardboard and Glass Green Dot, for the processing and recycling of our waste.

In terms of energy, we use our own photovoltaic plant, located on the roof of our facilities, to produce clean energy. The objective is not only not to contaminate, but to improve the environment of our planet.

Commitment to our people

  1. Commitment to comply with all the requirements, whether legal, contractual or otherwise, that are applicable to the PREPARATION AND SALE OF PRODUCTS OF PERFUMES AND COSMETICS, both in the of the performance of our processes as well as in the environmental field of our activities, so that our action in no case may contravene the requirements and legal specifications established by the different public administrations.
  2. Commitment to carry out our work within a management environment that guarantees an improvement continues in our products, in our methods of action and in our relationships with parties
  3. Commitment to protect the environment, through actions and measures aimed at the prevention of any type of contamination that could be caused by operations due to our activity.
  4. Commitment to promote an understanding and dissemination of our quality and environmental management policy within our organization, through training and continuous communication with our workers.
  5. Commitment to effectively control all our processes, with special emphasis on:
    • Quality of our products
    • Efficiency and efficiency of our manufacture.
    • Relations with our clients.
    • Control of waste.