About Prady

Prady is the largest perfume manufacturer in the Region of Murcia and in Spain for the low price (multi-price) channel. Prady is the most dynamic perfume manufacturer in the white label line and custom manufacturing on request. Prady is simply a passion for perfume. That is our reason of being.

Our history

To born out of a dream, to grow up from a passion

Prady is the result of a passion turned into a business venture. The first fragrances of what is now the company were created by hand at the Pharmacy Cremades, in Molina de Segura (Murcia) and sold in shops nearby. In 1992, Juan Cremades convinced his father to try to turn this passion for perfume into a business. Prady got its first laboratory, its first R & D Department, its first assembly line and its first warehouse, all in the 40 square meters back-room of the pharmacy. Prady focuses its activity in perfumery and takes the form of a company in 1998. Prady, within just a few years, became a benchmark of perfume industry thanks to its passion and continuous investment. More than 500 fragrances later, Prady has very modern facilities, integral logistics to reach almost any corner of Spain and the world and develops its new perfumes in a modern laboratory with the best technology... Everything has grown, but nothing has changed. Prady is still passion for perfume

Our vision

From utopian alchemy to the competitive market

Creating a perfume is an art. The experience seem very similar to that experienced by the ancient alchemists with its point of science, its touch of magic and its touch of madness. On the other hand, selling a perfume is much more. It requires having the capacity to manufacture it, to pack it, to store it, to transport it, to promote it… The original alchemy gives way to technique and processes that make the product more expensive. Concepts such as branding, image, segmentation or exclusivity reach the height of its expression in the world of perfume and make the product very expensive, too often, in an artificial and unjustified way.

Our mission

A perfume to fit every budget

Perfume is a vehicle to express the personality of every individual. Once a perfume is selected, the person is defined and it often gives an image about him in the subconscious of others. It is a very important factor in how we are being seen. Therefore, Prady’s challenge is that perfume can be accessible for everyone. For this reason, we adapt to each budget without compromising on quality. From very cheap perfumes to top-range fragrances, at Prady we create from scratch any perfume in any niche markets, always meeting the best quality standards. With our brand or with the brand requested by the customer, with a turn-key product or with the product developed for the customer, at Prady we are proud to have more than 500 perfumes that fit every budget. And we keep growing...